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Teksbotics (Asia ) Ltd Teksbotics is a dynamic and customer centric high technology company with special focus on Autonomous Driving, Robotics and A.I.

By closely cooperating with our partners, Teksbotics offers safe and cost-effective driverless products and solutions to Hong Kong, Macau and Asia Pacific customers. We aimed to solve different kinds of passenger and logistics transportation problems.

We hope to bring driverless technology into our daily life and use advanced driving technology and artificial intelligence to rebuild our transportation system. We hope to make passenger and logistics transportation more efficient and create a better life for our human world.

Autonomous Driving Solutions

Teksbotics provides the following solutions to its customers:
    • Last Mile & On-Demand Deliveries
    • Mobility for Goods – Autonomous Electric Tractors for Airport & Industries
    • Mobility for Passengers – Autonomous Shuttles
    • Intelligent Autonomous Driving System for Multiple Scenarios

Mobility for Goods

Autonomous Electric Tractors (AET)

for Airports & Industries

Mobility for Goods

Autonomous Delivery Vehicles

Intelligent Autonomous Driving System for Multiple Scenarios

One Intelligent Driving System Enables Multiple Commercial Scenarios
We provide U-Drive autonomous driving technologies stack and technical support to our partners in automobile and other mobile equipment industries.
Through close cooperation with our partners, Teksbotics also provides our commercial customers with comprehensive autonomous driving solutions, including but not limited to the following consulting services:

Business Cases

Together with our partners, we have been successfully implemented a lot of autonomous driving projects and received positive feedbacks from the customers:

Autonomous Tractors

After two years proof of concept and continuous trials at the airfield, our tractors started live operation in one of the leading international airports. [view video]

Autonomous Delivery Vehicles

Partnering with a number of operating partners, a number of last mile & on-demand autonomous delivery projects have been implemented in various locations and cities. [view video]

Autonomous Patrol Car

APC is the firsf autonomous patrol vehicle serving in an International Airport.[view video]

We provide comprehensive driverless and autonomous driving solutions!

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